Apprenticeship at LEWA

LEWA has qualified and trained apprentices in the LEWA apprenticeship program for more than 25 years. As technology leader in metering pumps and systems, we offer the ideal environment for young people to start their career. The apprenticeship program starts each September. We are looking for apprentices as an Industrial Mechanic, as a Mechatronic Engineer or as an Specialist for Warehouse Logistics .

New Trainee Image Movie

In the new image movie, the training occupations industrial clerk (m/f/d), industrial mechanic (m/f/d), mechatronic technician (m/f/d), specialist for warehouse logistics (m/f/d), as well as the dual degree in mechanical engineering(m/f/d), presented at LEWA, a brief but concise insight into the working world of trainees is also given.The film also shows what makes training at LEWA special.All actors in the trainee image film are trainees, trainers and employees of LEWA.

Excellent apprenticeship program for 25 years

Start your career at LEWA!

LEWA provides the ideal structural and personnel conditions for a successful apprenticeship. In a commercial training center and in our own training workshop, knowledge is imparted and skills are promoted. Modern work processes and information technologies prepare our apprentices to work with high-end products and technologies. In addition, we also promote social skills by integrating our apprentices in various LEWA-sponsored social projects.

Thus, we make sure that our apprentices enjoy thorough and extensive training in all areas and departments. They acquire expertise by learning how to plan, implement and evaluate their own work. They also gain experience and competence by finding, processing and sharing information as well as by solving problems in creative ways. Social aspects are also promoted in a targeted manner: Teamwork, collegiality and sense of responsibility are particularly important.

The success of the training program speaks for itself. Numerous commendations and prizes for the LEWA apprentices show: Our apprenticeship program is excellent!

Apprenticeship places at LEWA

Job TitleLocationDepartementLevel
Ausbildung zur Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik (m/w/d) 2021 Leonberg / DeutschlandApprenticeshipApprenticeship
Ausbildung zum Mechatroniker (m/w/d) 2022 Leonberg / DeutschlandApprenticeshipApprenticeship
Ausbildung zum Industriemechaniker (m/w/d) 2022 Leonberg / DeutschlandApprenticeshipApprenticeship

Apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic

Activities Manufacturing, repair and maintenance of components and systems, tools, fixtures, items for production; chipless forming and metal-cutting processing; assembly, testing, commissioning, service
Later activities Prototyping, tool and fixture construction, component manufacturing, mass production, assembly, quality assurance, research & development, service
Personal abilities Readiness of mind, ability to imagine technical contexts; good performances in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry; very good technical skills; accuracy, thoroughness, reliability and the ability to work in a team
Requirements Secondary school qualifications: Secondary school leaving certificate ("Hauptschule" or "Realschule"), Abitur
Further education opportunities Foremen, technician, engineer, design engineer, production planner
Duration of apprenticeship 3.5 years


Apprenticeship as a Mechatronics Engineer

Activities Manufacturing mechanical subsystems, assembly, installation of electrical equipment, commissioning, testing, searching for and eliminating faults, maintenance, design & creation of mechatronic systems
Later activities Assembly, research & development, service, IT, commissioning, maintenance of mechatronic systems, manufacturing, quality assurance
Personal abilities Readiness of mind, ability to imagine technical contexts; aptitude in mathematics, physics and chemistry; very good technical skills; accuracy, thoroughness, reliability and the ability to work in a team
Requirements Secondary school qualifications: Good secondary school leaving certificate ("Realschule") or Abitur
Further education opportunities Foremen, technician, engineer, design engineer
Apprenticeship duration 3.5 years

Ausbildung zur Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik (m/w/d)

Tätigkeiten Wareneingang, Fachgerechte Lagerung der Produkte, Kommissionierung, Versand von Gütern unter Anleitung und Betreuung, Mitwirkung an logistischen Planungs und Organisationsprozessen, Umgang mit EDV-gestützten Verwaltungssystemen, Umsetzung von Arbeitsaufträgen in betriebliche Arbeitsabläufe
Späterer Einsatz Wareneingang, Lager-und Transportplanung, Versandlogistik.
Persönliche Eignung Geistig rege, rasche Auffassungsgabe, Vorstellungsvermögen für technische Zusammenhänge, analytisches und logisches Denkvermögen, handwerkliche Fähigkeiten, Genauigkeit, Gründlichkeit, Zuverlässigkeit und Teamfähigkeit
Anforderungen Schulabschluss: Guter Hauptschul- oder Realschulabschluss.
Aufstiegschancen Meister/-in für Lagerlogistik, Betriebswirt/-in der Fachrichtung Absatzwirtschaft oder Logistik
Ausbildungszeit 3 Jahre
Weitere Infos Broschüre Ausbildung zur Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik (m/w/d) (PDF)



What we value

Expertise professional competence strong social skills
develop professional qualifications, independent planning, execution and inspection develop professional qualifications, independent planning, execution and inspection encourages collaboration in groups and development as an individual
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Self-control
  • Safety-conscious
  • Precise work
  • Identification with work
  • Optimization of workflows
  • Ability to adjust and adapt
  • Recognize work objectives
  • Business-oriented thinking
  • Environmentally conscious thinking
  • Find sources of information
  • Independent development of information
  • Logical thinking
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Creativity
  • Willingness to learn
  • Economical evaluation of information
  • Communication of information
  • Interest
  • Ability to cooperate
  • Ability to integrate
  • Shared responsibility
  • Collegiality
  • Oral communication skills
  • Personal initiative
  • Reliability
  • Self-criticism
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility

We look forward to receiving your complete application materials including a cover letter, tabular resume, report cards from the last two years of schooling, internship information as well as certificates. Please apply directly on our job openings link for an appropriate training position.

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