Course contents

  1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Theory of design Descriptive geometry, technical drawing, tolerances and fitting Design theory, connecting elements Rotational motion machine elements, bearings
Technical mechanics Basic concepts of structural engineering Friction, motion of a mass point, kinetics of a system of mass points, rigid body kinematics Rigid body kinetics, mechanical vibration, shock problems, relative movement
Material strength theory Tensile and compressive stresses, permissible stress and safety Bending stress, torsional stress, shear stress General stress and deformation state, stability problems, introduction to energy methods
Electrical engineering Basic concepts and laws, AC/DC circuits, capacitance and inductance Components and their basic circuits, fundamentals of metrology, electrical measurement  
Materials Metallic materials, alloying, iron-carbon alloy Non-ferrous metals, plastics, powder metallurgy materials, electrical engineering units  
Manufacturing technology Forming, cutting Conversion/reshaping Separating plate, joining, forming
Business administration     Basic knowledge of general business administration
Technical thermodynamics   1st and 2nd Law (heat, work, energy, etc.), ideal and real gases, maximum work  
CAD / CAM techniques     3D design, variant structures, basics of CNC machines programming

Practical phase contents

1st year

2nd year 3rd year
  • Learning basic skills and knowledge
  • Structure and organization of our company
  • Introduction to design and components of the PC/workstation operating system
  • Introduction to computer operation and utilization: application programs, more advanced programming languages, interfaces, collaboration on company-specific projects, company-specific focal points
  • Introduction to engineering work
  • Application of management knowledge
  • Technical documentation
  • Getting to know technical and operational processes
  • Department insights in selected areas, e.g. in development, manufacturing, quality control, sales
  • Independent working on project tasks in selected departments 
  • Developing a bachelor's thesis in a selected department