At LEWA, our focus is on people. Enthusiasm and passion for the achievement of common objectives is the basis for successful collaboration. For this purpose, LEWA is positioned as an attractive employer with numerous types of compensation, benefits, and further education opportunities. That is why we commit to a reasonable work-life balance, offer a company sports group, and do various sponsorship activities.

Flat hierarchies, global operations

LEWA offers a good working environment, a cooperative working climate as well as flat hierarchical levels. Quick decision-making and an innovative, inspiring environment characterize our medium-sized company. Our staff is multicultural and multinational. We have 14 subsidiaries and a global distribution network.

Flexible working hours

Well-rounded employees are not only satisfied, but also more productive. Because of that, we accommodate our staff with flexible working hours and take their individual life situations into account. Thus, you have enough time for friends, family, and hobby activities.

Compensation and benefits

The ability to work in a team, self-organization, and a self-sufficient work ethic are required for employment at LEWA. In appreciation of your achievements and your dedication to the company, we provide wages in line with the market and offer the common employee benefits. Company loyalty is rewarded: 10, 25 or 40-year anniversaries are not uncommon at LEWA. We offer a company pension plan by deferring gross compensation and employee pension capital formation.

International workforce

By now, LEWA has 14 subsidiaries and over 100 distribution partners across all continents. Our customers are spread all over the world and come from a wide range of industries. This gives you the opportunity to gain experience in international projects and to work in multicultural and multinational teams.

Further education opportunities

As a leading manufacturer of diaphragm metering pumps, we are always in need of highly qualified employees who are willing to develop further professionally and learn something new. We offer a variety of further education opportunities. LEWA promotes individual strengths by supporting the acquisition of additional qualifications. In addition, there are many voluntary internal training programs to increase various skills.

Company sports group and sports promotion

The LEWA company sports group has existed for more than 40 years. The international group consisting of the sports enthusiasts among LEWA employees comes together regularly to pursue their urge to move. The group is always happy to welcome new members. Moreover, LEWA sponsors various athletes and sports teams from the region. You also have the chance to apply for a promotion of your physical activity by LEWA.

Employee Suggestion System

LEWA employees actively help shape their own work environment. We call on you to contribute your own ideas and suggestions to continuously improve our company's productivity and competitiveness. If your suggestions for improvement are implemented, a remuneration key of the Employee Suggestion System is applied, so your effort will be rewarded equitably.

Excellent apprenticeships

The apprenticeships at LEWA are excellent! This is not only demonstrated by numerous awards for LEWA's apprentices, but also by our dedicated training program, which we have been pursuing for more than 25 years. We offer an industrial training center, modern work processes and information technology as well as our own training workshop.

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